New release

The Rocky Ox is loose!

Rocky Ox release image

Its time to face the world…

The new ‘Rocky Ox’ can be released!

“What is this Rocky Ox?!” Well I’m glad you asked πŸ™‚

The Rocky Ox is the name I have given the newest wine from Rusty Mutt. Β It is a blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro which is an approximation of the French Cotes du Rhone blend. This is a wine all about bright fruit, spice, earth and complexity with very little oak. It’s easy to drink (a bit too easy sometimes!) and matches with a broad range of foods. Try it with pizza and barbecue, roasted lamb racks and Asian beef dishes.

Why the name ‘Rocky Ox’?

The name Rusty Mutt comes from ‘Metal Dog’ which is my Chinese astrological animal and element. The Catnip Viognier is for my wife who is a ‘Wood Tiger’ (cats love catnip!) and now the Rocky Ox has been named for my daughter who is an ‘Earth Ox’!

The other great thing about this wine is that it now allows me to offer some really good mixed cases since I sell everything in 6 packs. I’ve already entered it into the Melbourne International Wine Challenge where it won a Silver medal along with the new 2013 Shiraz!

The real star of this blend is the dry grown, bush vine Grenache from Clarendon. This part of McLaren Vale is quite cool which allows good ‘hang time’ on the vine to ripen fully. The ferments were hand plunged every day, then the skins were basket pressed. Both techniques are gentle and really promote the amazing fruit in this wine. So don’t wait too long. I have made 250 dozen for Australia and that will go quite quickly, especially once you try it!

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Scott Heidrich