• Tannin and its role in red wine

    What is tannin? Tannin is the name given to a range of complex molecules found in wine that don’t have a smell or taste, but affect the texture of the wine in your mouth. Tannins in wine can come from different sources, such as the naturally occurring tannin in grapes known as a proanthocyanidin. Interestingly
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  • Why do we age wine?

    As with everything to do with wine, there’s never a straight answer. Most people have heard somewhere that ‘wine improves with age’ but don’t know why, or what, ‘improves’ actually means. To keep this post from blowing out into some kind of short story, I’ll just discuss red wine. What is wine made of? To
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  • To decant or not to decant…

    This is one question I’m often asked, and the answer is not that simple. To begin with, there are actually two different processes that may be confused; decanting and aeration. Decanting Is the process of carefully pouring clear wine out of the bottle while leaving any sediment or deposits behind. It is usually required when
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