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New release & new vintage bottling

2013 Shiraz cork for new release to China

New release wines

Ahhh! Wrong size corks, not enough carton dividers, where are the rest of the neck labels!  Just a few of the hurdles we overcame to get the new release GSM and the 2013 Shiraz into bottle. On the same day I may add but all worked out in the end! New corks were printed for the Rusty Mutt reds destined for China. The other box of labels was discovered in the warehouse after being misplaced. And we were short on dividers because the bottling company accidentally used my dividers in someone else’s job! They did sort me out with some replacements, which you can find in the GSM boxes!

What’s a GSM?

So, GSM. What is it? GSM stands for Grenache, Shiraz & Mataro. These three varieties are the principal varieties of The Cotes du Rhone Appelation in France. Both Grenache and Shiraz grow very well in McLaren Vale so this is why I have chosen to make wines only using Rhone varieties and blends.

Whilst you will have certainly heard of Shiraz and most of you Grenache, Mataro is lesser known. Its origin is believed to be Spanish which would certainly explain its ability to withstand heat during ripening. Certainly a good variety now we experience more unpredictability during the ripening season. Mataro is called Mourvèdre in France and Monastrell in Spain but I have chosen to stay with Mataro as it is easier to pronounce than Mourvèdre!

Cotes du Rhone styles are typically bright and complex without much oak influence and tend to really show off the fruit and spice of Grenache. They should be easy to drink and match well with a broad range of foods.

Why the name ‘Rocky Ox’?

Why the name ‘rocky ox’ I hear you ask? Rusty Mutt, as many of you know, comes from my Chinese astrological sign – Metal Dog. My Viognier was named for my wife, she is a Wood Tiger which became ‘catnip’ and my daughter is an Earth Ox, which has become ‘rocky ox’. I think the Earth element sits well with this wine as Grenache can certainly be very earthy in character.

The key ingredient in the GSM is of course the Grenache. 60% of the blend in fact. This comes from 80 year old, dry grown bush vine Grenache on a South facing slope in a cool gully near Clarendon. It is typically earthy and elegant with plenty of spice and white pepper. I chose specific barrels of my Shiraz for the blend which also showed similar characteristics of spice and elegance. I only had one barrel of Mataro from The Foggo Road area in McLaren Flat. Just as well it was awesome!

Once the blend was made, I refilled the wine into French oak puncheons (large 500 Litre barrels) to settle down for 6 months before bottling.

The 2013 ‘Original’ Shiraz

Bottled on the same day as the GSM was the new vintage of the Rusty Mutt Shiraz which I have named ‘original’. The benchmark red in my range will be the Rusty Mutt Shiraz as this is where it all began. At the recent Winestate International Shiraz Challenge it was noted that 2013 is shaping up to be a better year than 2012. So don’t despair, if you missed out on the 96 point 2012 then grab some 2013!

As these two wines have been very recently bottled, I have held off writing tasting notes, and even properly releasing them until they rest up a little. Be patient! My pre-release discount offer is still open. Just register your interest. When the wine is ready I’ll email you with a great offer you can choose to take up.

I will be planning a new release day to show off the new addition, so join my email list (bottom of home page) to find out when and where.  Hope to see you there. Missed our day? Buy our latest releases in our online store.


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