Vintage Review

The colour of vintage 2015

The McLaren Vale 2015 Vintage.

The 2015 Vintage in McLaren Vale is done and dusted. Most are quite happy with the outcome but as with every vintage there are standout varieties and there are some that aren’t. Vintage is always an exciting time of year. There’s only one opportunity to make the wine we need and we are at the mercy of the weather. This is actually both good and bad! It’s good because the varying weather alters the fruit expression in the vineyard. The bad is when the weather conditions cause physical or microbiological damage to the fruit. McLaren Vale is a great wine region for many reasons. However one very important reason is the incidence of fruit damaging weather is very very low.

The unusual heat in October and November last year really got the grape vines moving. Adelaide Hills Cherries were a number of weeks early and this certainly indicated an early vintage. What we encountered was not only an early vintage but an early vintage for almost everything! Many wineries were crushing whites and reds at the same time. Cabernet and Shiraz were coming in together. Virtually all of McLaren Vale was crushed in February, only the really late varieties such as Grenache managed to make it to March!

Thankfully we were able to get the fruit required for the Rusty Mutt wines picked right on target. The quality is great. There is plenty of colour (lots in fact, see the photos!), great acidity and excellent flavour concentration. I really love the Grenache produced this year. Look out for the 2015 GSM!

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Scott Heidrich