Game of Rhones

Game of Rhones is once again to a venue near (most) of you – sorry Adelaide, you miss out this year! I think South Australians are actually ahead of the curve and are looking for the next wine tasting trend to hit!

What are ‘Rhones’ anyway?

The Rhone is a region in Southern France where they grow Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro and other varieties suited to the area. Similarities in the climate and geology of McLaren Vale lends itself well to the production of these varietes. In fact, that’s why I chose to produce the wines I do! Shiraz, Viognier and GSM blends can all be found in and around the Rhone in France.

I quite enjoy Game of Rhones. Firstly because at the moment all of my wines are Rhone varieties or blends and secondly I can’t believe the effort some people put into their costume! There have been some amazing white walkers and plenty of faithful characters.

These events are becoming wildly popular in the eastern states with Sydney looking to host well over 1000 enthusiastic wine tasters this year. One of the great things about themed tastings is everyone knows why they’re there. There’s education in the name of the event. The Game of Rhones patrons can tell you all about the varieties and blends of the Rhone simply by remembering what they tasted. In my view, Rhone blends are among the most enjoyable wine styles to try so hopefully you understand my reasons behind working with these wines!

Have you been to Game of Rhones? What do you enjoy most? What do you enjoy the least? Has this event or others like these changed your wine preferences?

I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the varieties and blends of the Rhone and I look forward to meeting you at an event soon.

Why not try some of my Rhone style wines? Such as the Viognier or Grenache, Shiraz Mataro (GSM) blend?