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2016 Rusty Mutt Sun Flare Rose

What more could you want in a Rosé? Lovely colour, great fresh raspberry, strawberry and cherry aromas and flavours and well-balanced acidity on the finish. This dry, yet fruity style matches well with plenty of Asian dishes and can handle a bit of spice thrown at it. Great in the warm weather, or when you’re not in the mood for a red or a white!


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Sun Flare was the name chosen for this wine in honour of my new nephew, who is a Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology. As well as the energetic colour connotations, Sun is also the family name of the Monkey King from Chinese mythology. Like the Fire monkey, this wine is lively, likeable, playful and versatile. Enjoy its fresh red fruit flavours and clean vibrant palate with a wide variety of light lunch and dinner dishes.

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