About my Wine Clubs, and time for a giveaway!

Wine Clubs, Pricing and a giveaway!

The Rusty Mutt website has undergone some major changes recently. I’ve tried to tidy it up and bring you a cleaner, simpler site and offer more value to you as a customer. The tricky part is not to display prices cheaper than my wine is being sold in retail stores but still give you the discounts I can offer by coming to me direct. Essentially, the two wine clubs are a way to do this. You choose a wine club, create an account, then discounts are subtracted from the prices. Plus, you have an account that will keep your purchase history and save you lots of time when you purchase again.

Our Wine Clubs

The Sirius Wine Club provides you with the best value. You receive a 20% discount off the displayed prices plus loyalty points you can redeem for the Vermilion Bird Shiraz. The catch? (more of a convenience really!) You receive a 6 pack every 3 months (you can choose the wines). Plus you can buy wine at any time at your discounted price. You can opt out or change to the Rusty Mutt Wine Club at any time, however you wont receive any more loyalty points.

The Rusty Mutt Wine Club is simple. You receive a 15% discount and you purchase whenever you like. There’s no commitment or costs other than for your wine and delivery. You still have the benefit of an account, and once your account is set up, your next purchases will be quick and easy! Check out the price comparison below.

Wine Website Rusty Mutt Wine Club Sirius Wine Club
Viognier 23.50 19.98 18.80
Rose 23.50 19.98 18.80
GSM 29.50 25.08 23.60
Shiraz 29.50 25.08 23.60
Vermilion Bird 77 65.45 61.60

So you see, the pricing is what you’ve been used to in the past or may have seen at an event. And to simplify delivery costs, I am charging $10 for anything up too and including a dozen Australia wide.

What about that offer?

Join either the Rusty Mutt Wine Club or the Sirius Wine Club before the 10th of August and I will send you a coupon for a $20 discount (min 6 bottle purchase) and free delivery within Australia. Plus, you go into the draw to win a bottle of 2013 Vermilion Bird Shiraz in a leather look gift box with bar accessories!

*This offer has now expired* The winner of the 2013 Vermilion Bird and the gift box was S. Menhennet from SA!