Your rights under Australian Consumer Law:

Under Australian consumer law, there is a basic consumer guarantee that all retailers must meet as a minimum. We cannot take away any of your rights. We can however provide you with additional benefits in addition to those rights, because your satisfaction is important to us.

If you think there is a problem with your wine, please contact us within 30 days of delivery. We cannot guarantee the wine has been stored and handled correctly after this time. 

Australian consumer law covers the following;

  • A full refund for both product and delivery fees (if applicable) if the product is damaged or faulty. Typically, if Australia Post drops a box, Rusty Mutt will be notified and the wine returned to me without you even knowing. Rusty Mutt will notify you of this and send a replacement as soon as possible. If no replacement is available (vintage change, out of stock etc) Rusty Mutt will contact you to discuss options. You can accept a full refund or choose a different replacement product.
  • What does ‘faulty’ mean? Considering the high quality of the screwcap seal and the International quality standards adhered to at bottling, if there is a major wine fault (taint, oxidation, spoilage) then it will be isolated to a single bottle. Damage to the seal is the most common cause of faulty wine which is covered above.
  • A full refund for both product and delivery fees (if applicable) if the wrong wine (vintage, variety etc) is delivered. 

The Rusty Mutt Express Warranty

Our “Taste guarantee”.

In addition to your basic rights, Rusty Mutt adds a further warranty to provide peace of mind with “sight unseen” (un-tasted) online purchases through the Rusty Mutt website.

“Fit for a particular purpose” (covered by Australian Consumer law) is a slight ‘grey area’ when it comes to wine, as descriptions of smell and taste are subjective. These are offered as a guide, and not as any kind of guarantee. The “fit for purpose” guarantee does not apply if “it’s unreasonable for the consumer to rely on the skill or judgement of the business”.

If you buy some wine and it is not damaged or faulty, but you simply don’t like the taste, this is normally not a basis for refund.

What we WILL do;

  • If you have bought wine “un-tasted” from our website, and upon trying it at home you decide you really don’t like the taste, Rusty Mutt will refund the cost of the remaining unopened bottles of that particular wine (same name, vintage and variety), less the cost of return. You may organise the return yourself, or Rusty Mutt can organise this for you.

In any case if you think there’s something wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I will always do my utmost to help!

Please read our terms and conditions for more relevant details.