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2013 Vermilion Bird Shiraz

The Vermilion Bird is our Flagship Shiraz. Ripe, rich, elegant and smoothly structured, this opulent wine almost overwhelms the senses before turning to silk and gliding down. Only 600 bottles were made and there are now less than 50 bottles remaining of this decadent McLaren Vale Shiraz.


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The Vermilion Bird of the South is the name the Chinese call the Southern Quadrant in the night sky. This mythical creature covers the ‘Western’ constellations of Canis Majoris (Major Dog) and Canis Minor (Minor Dog) , including Sirius the Dog Star. Born from fire, it is also known as the Phoenix and is a symbol of good luck and auspice. Individual barrels of my best McLaren Vale Shiraz were chosen for this blend. It was matured for a total of three years in French oak barrels prior to bottling. The closure is hand selected cork, sealed with wax and the label is screen printed onto the bottle.

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