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At Rusty Mutt, you can simply place your wine orders online and receive them at your doorstep. Rusty Mutt offers a selection of lip-smacking wines. There is nothing like a glass of wine after a long day of work. If we’re not pushing it, there is nothing like a glass of wine to begin your day with either. With Rusty Mutt’s delivery all over Australia, all you have to do is log onto our website and add your favourite blinds to your cart. Proceed to checkout, put in your address, make your payment and wait for McLaren Vale goodness to reach your door! 

Rusty Mutt prides itself as a wine seller online and aims at only building relationships with its customers. We offer a range of white and red wines to choose from. You can also opt to buy mixed packs or singles. 

Wine is known to be a celebratory drink. More than often you will find that even ancient literature mentions the love of wine people have had for ages. Wine makes for the perfect gift for any event. But that does not mean you need an event to enjoy some wine. When you’re working from ‘nine to wine’,  a glass of wine is called ‘self-care,’ and we’re all for it. 

If you’re looking for online wines, check out our ‘Shop’ section and put an end to your cravings. Speaking of celebrations, our mixed packs are perfect for any occasion. If you’re celebrating an anniversary, a beautiful memory, or just love, wine makes for the perfect gift. Sometimes it is good to sip on wine, but with Rusty Mutt, one can’t help but finish the entire bottle. A gifting solution that will not leave one’s memory easily, or maybe there will be no recollection. ‘Wine’ flies when you’re having fun, and that’s when you know you’re drinking good wine. 

For corporate parties, events, toasts, victories, and gifts of appreciation, a mixed pack from Rusty Mutt is going to be envied by most. Rusty Mutt wine is hand-made, hand plunged, and basket pressed straight from McLaren Vale, Australia’s wine hub, renowned by the world.

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Want to try some Rusty Mutt and don’t know where to procure it from? Simply order wine online from our official website and enjoy several deals and benefits. This is not just an online wine shop, it is a community of wine enthusiasts and our goal is to serve the best blends, made with fruit sourced from the best locations in McLaren Vale.

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‘I need a red’ trio


McLaren Vale is ostensibly a red grape region, and this is my
offering in the Rusty Mutt range. Try a traditional basket pressed
oak matured Shiraz, a vibrant and complex Grenache Shiraz Mataro (GSM) blend,
and a fleshy, juicy, youthful Tempranillo.

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2018 Rusty Mutt Original Shiraz


A dark, concentrated McLaren Vale Shiraz made gently enough to drink now, or keep for a few years and see it grow.

A sip of wine from this bottle will explode in your mouth with flavours of dark fruits, licorice, blueberry and Szechuan pepper. Matured for 4+ years in American and French hogsheads and puncheons. A presence ripe and chunky on the palate, all set to deliver a long yet powerful finish. A dark concentrated wine good for consumption before the year 2030.

94 Points Angus Hughson,

92 Points Steve QWine Reviews

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2020 Rocky Ox GSM


The Rocky Ox is named for my daughter, an Earth Ox in Chinese Astrology. Unlike the animal, this wine is not furry, smelly, dirty, barnyardy or feral in any way. It is however dependable, complex and popular. Although, she is now a teenager…

Named after Scott’s daughter’s Chinese Zodiac Sign, this wine blend features a ripe dark cherry aroma, followed by pomegranate and raspberry lift. One can taste vibrant berry taste very soon on the palate and it beautifully lingers after swallowing. Fermented openly, hand blunged, and basket pressed. Matured for 4+ years in French puncheons.

92 Points, Steve Leszczynski, QWine reviews, February 2022

GOLD MEDAL, 2022 London Wine Competition

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2021 Conejo Joven Tempranillo


98 Points / 5 Stars Winestate Magazine, top in category.

92 Points Angus Hughson

92 Points Steve Leszczynski QWine Reviews

2022 Savvy Wren Pinot Gris


So brand new I haven’t written the tasting notes yet!

Alternative trio


I don’t know when an ‘alternative’ changes to
mainstream, but these three wines are terrific
either way. Try my fresh, fruity un-oaked Viognier,
the young and fleshy Tempranillo and the fruity, complex
Grenache blend.

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Rusty Mutt Face Mask


Be one of the first to model our exclusive face masks! Plain black is so COVID 19… grab a Rusty Mutt face mask and move into the 20’s! Our face mask is washable, and has a replaceable filter that’s available at just about any chemist.

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The best amount to send via Aus Post is four, so grab a mask for your friends!

You Choose Six


Buying this six pack, however you put it together,
is better value than one of each of the three packs above.
And, you can choose the wines that end up in this six pack!

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2020 Catnip Viognier


The Catnip Viognier was named for my wife, who is a ‘Wood Tiger’ in Chinese Astrology. It’s her wine, since cats really love Catnip! You won’t find any ‘cats-pee’ characters in Viognier, nor any cat hair on your clothes. Instead, you’ll purr with delight when you crack one of these with dinner!

Named after Scott’s wife’s Chinese Zodiac Sign, ‘Wood Tiger’ features a mid straw colour with green hues, denoting clarity. One can taste lemon curd, a touch of dried apricot and guava, and orange blossom. The palate is sweet yet citrus acidic. Fermented with selected steel in stainless steel and bottled immediately.

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2017 Original Shiraz


This Shiraz blend is named ‘Original’ since this was the first Rusty Mutt blend made by owner Scott Heidrich. This blend is deep red with hues of purple. The aroma buds from spice, herbs, leather and game, white pepper, and mulberry notes. With a warm, smooth, and acidic palate, it is matured for 2+ years in American and French hogsheads and puncheons.

I named this Shiraz ‘Original’ since Shiraz was the first Rusty Mutt wine I made. Rusty Mutt is derived from ‘Metal Dog’ in Chinese Astrology and my wines carry many of my personality traits. Being cautious, self reliant and having a ‘never give up’ attitude with great attention to detail certainly helps with Winemaking. I won’t tell you what the ‘bad’ traits are! I’m in denial… 🙂

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2019 Conejo Joven Tempranillo


Named after Scott’s son’s Chinese Zodiac Sign, Conejo Joven translates to Young Rabbit. The natural fruit tannin used in this wine makes it very noticeable to one’s palate. Made with a small amount of oak: fleshy, dark, mysterious and complex. A bottle is good to be opened by the year 2026.

The ‘Conejo Joven’ (Spanish for Young Rabbit) is named for my son, who is a Golden Rabbit in Chinese Astrology. Much like my boy, this wine is lively, cheerful and bright. Although, it does not really go with chicken nuggets and tomato sauce which makes up 50% of his diet… 🙂

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3 Pack Subscription

From: $83.95 / month for 12 months

A small subscription pack to keep a few Rusty Mutt’s about the place, or how about give someone a terrific gift? (You’ll know they’ll have wine when you call around!)

Choose your wines from our range, and how often you would like to receive them, and we’ll do the rest. Need to skip a delivery? Not a problem. Want to change the contents? You can do that as well. You are in complete control at all times and I’m only a phone call away if something goes awry. Get 15% off any extra purchases during the year, with free delivery for a 6 pack minimum.

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