• Why do we age wine?

    As with everything to do with wine, there’s never a straight answer. Most people have heard somewhere that ‘wine improves with age’ but don’t know why, or what, ‘improves’ actually means. To keep this post from blowing out into some kind of short story, I’ll just discuss red wine. What is wine made of? To
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  • 2017 Catnip Viognier Gold Medal review from Winewise

    2017 Rusty Mutt Catnip McLaren Vale Viognier. This is a multifaceted viognier with a long, creamy palate. It offers the typical varietal apricot aroma and flavour, but backs them up with nuances of ginger and honeysuckle. It’s a stylish, vibrant wine that isn’t too heavy. Review by Lester Jesberg, Winewine Magazine Small Vignerons Awards, October
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  • To decant or not to decant…

    This is one question I’m often asked, and the answer is not that simple. To begin with, there are actually two different processes that may be confused; decanting and aeration. Decanting Is the process of carefully pouring clear wine out of the bottle while leaving any sediment or deposits behind. It is usually required when
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  • Reviews from James Halliday’s Wine Companion

    The first of August has come around once again with nervous anticipation of the Halliday reviews. James doesn't taste all of the wines himself anymore, he has wine specialists around the country tasting their strengths. I was fortunate to have Jane Faulkner, a highly regarded freelance wine journalist take a critical look at my wines.
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  • About my Wine Clubs, and time for a giveaway!

    Wine Clubs, Pricing and a giveaway! The Rusty Mutt website has undergone some major changes recently. I've tried to tidy it up and bring you a cleaner, simpler site and offer more value to you as a customer. The tricky part is not to display prices cheaper than my wine is being sold in retail
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  • Meet ‘Ace’ the Guide Dog Puppy!

    Given the name of our company (why the name?) it was only fitting that I should sponsor a guide dog. It wasn't until I spoke with the Guide Dogs representatives that I discovered the breadth of services they provide. It's not just about supporting people with vision impairment. There's a whole range of sensory issues
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  • National Wine Centre Lunch with the Vale Cru

    Join some of the Vale Cru members, Wistmosa, Dabblebrook, Lazy Ballerina, Waywood and Rusty Mutt (of course!) for lunch at the National Wine Centre. It will be quite a unique experience. A four station, standup progressive lunch with food at each station matched with two Vale Cru wines! Sounds great, I'm glad I'll be there!
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  • Game of Rhones

    Game of Rhones is once again to a venue near (most) of you - sorry Adelaide, you miss out this year! I think South Australians are actually ahead of the curve and are looking for the next wine tasting trend to hit! What are 'Rhones' anyway? The Rhone is a region in Southern France where
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  • Harvest Lunches

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