2016 Rusty Mutt Sun Flare Grenache Tempranillo Rose bottle

This vibrantly coloured Rosé is made from a blend of Grenache and Tempranillo from McLaren Vale. It’s fresh, light and full of flavour. The Grenache adds strawberry, violets and hints of spice and earth, with notes of ripe black cherry coming from the Tempranillo. This wine will go well with a light lunch or dinner. Think Asian salad, white meat, seafood and light red meat dishes when it’s too hot for a red wine!


I chose the name “Sun Flare” in honour of my new nephew, who is a Fire Monkey in Chinese astrology. As well as the obvious colour and energetic connotations of Fire in the name, ‘Sun’ also has a deeper meaning.

Those of you who were around back in the day when there were only four TV channels, may remember a (now cult) TV show called “Monkey”. This was a Japanese produced TV show based on a Chinese mythological story about a Monkey King born from a stone egg who possesses supernatural powers (!)  The Monkey King’s name was Sun Wukong, hence the deeper meaning of ‘Sun Flare’.

Check out this YouTube clip from the original series.

You can read more about Sun Wukong and ‘The Journey to the West’ on Wikipedia